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The following projects and organisations are using Open-RJ


Arturius, the Compiler Multiplexer ( Open-RJ is used for the configuration of tools.

Open-RJ website ( Open-RJ is used for the production of all the contents of the website.

MBF Australia communications infrastructure ( Open-RJ is used for the configuration files of essential internal communications networking infrastructure.

shwild Shell Compatible Wildcards ( Open-RJ is used for specifying test data to the unit-test harness.

Synesis Software systems management and development scripts ( Open-RJ is used as an aid in the automation of a variety of systems / software development tasks.

%% Prestige cars
Manufacturer: BMW
Model:        528 Touring
Colour:       Black
Manufacturer: Audi
Model:        S4
Colour:       British \
              Racing Green
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