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Below are ways to make contact of all natures

Methods Of Contact

To contact a specific developer from Open-RJ, please visit the developer's section of our project and click the email address given by

To get help for Open-RJ, please visit the project's forums and post in the appropriate section. Please check to see if someone has already asked and recieved an answer to your question on the forums before posting. If you believe the problem to be a bug, please post the details in the bug section instead. You may also post your problem in our support section.

All constructive comments regarding Open-RJ are welcomed in our open discussion forum.

To ask for specific features in future releases, please submit a new feature request in our feature requests section.

Note that you may need to register on to make some forms of contact.

%% Media
Form:      CD
Material:  Alloy
Method:    Digital
Form:      Record
Material:  Vinyl
Method:    Analog
Form:      DAT
Material:  Magnetic Tape
Edible:    Digital
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